Saturday, 17 July 2010

James Gibson

We received these zines from James Gibson, three beautifully put together self-publications from his students in Japan.

Facebook, Design Workshop GAO923
Typogaki, Type and sign collection Design Workshop GAO924
MJ Reiko Yamaguchi Design Workshop GAO927

Onkar Kular

A publication that documents research, proposals and project condusted as part of a research fellowship initiated through the Design Interactions Department, Royal College of Art Tussauds. Includes essays by Anthony Dunne, novelist George Saunders, Simon Opie, Noam Toran and illustration by Anthony Burrill and Lucia Massari.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Salford Zine Library at DLI Museum and Durham Art Gallery

We happy to announce that the Library will be visiting Durham this summer. We will be making the whole collection available for the people of the North-east to peruse.

This exhibition of zines, self-published, underground publications, invites you to share in the hugely diverse array of individual styles this media provokes. This is a fantastic opportunity to see the work of artists who are looking at alternative ways to share their talents. We will also be looking for new submissions to the library from the public.

This exhibition has been co-programmed by Empty Shop.

DLI Museum and Durham Art Gallery
Aykley Heads
County Duham

Tel: +44 0191 384 2214

Opening 24/07/2010 - 10/08/2010