Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Lottie Pencheon

Lottie Pencheon is an illustrator and printmaker from Macclesfield.

Walford Gazette, a U.S Enders zine!

The Walford Gazette is the only newspaper dedicated to EastEnders, the BBC's long-running dramatic series and is published by editor Larry Jaffee and based in Weehawken, New Jersey,U.S.A.

Walford Gazette Issue 73 - Spring 2011 Edition
Walford State of Mind (Self-published book)

The Hare

The Hare covers debate, news, politic, culture, insight and sport and is published fortnightly.

Pink Mince

For the confirmed bachelor of exceptional taste.

Threads and Letters

The Shrieking Violet

The Shrieking Violet programme for the Victoria Baths Fanzine Convention. Includes information on all the stallholders and speakers, an interview with Joe Biel, director, $100 and A T-Shirt: A Documentary About Zines in the Northwest US, an interview about letterpress with artist Amy Pennington, Deerly Beloved Bakery's recipe for stuffed bread and interviews with Antony Hall and Yu-Chen Wang, artists who are working in the building for Future Everything festival. The zine also features my article on Edwardian swimming pools in Manchester, with annotated illustrations by Daniel Fogarty. Jacky Hall and illustrator Andy Carter have collaborated on a spread commemorating channel swimmer Sunny Lowry who trained at Victoria Baths. Paper copies will be available at the event.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Thursday, 5 May 2011


On Thursday, 17th March after an artist talk by Billy Childish there was a sadly theft of 30 - 40 Zines from the Library. I've contacted some of the contributers and many have sent replacements, for which we are very grateful. Jeffrey Brown responded to my email regarding the theft by mailing two mini comics and this strip about my email! Nice work Jeffrey and thank again to every one who has sent replacements.


Lowri Evans

"This is a book of words and pictures that I made during a month in Brazil. It started out as a travel journal but I'm pretty sure it turns into a romantic novel at some point! It is me making sense of a new place, a new relationship and maybe myself."
Lowri Evans

Alex Creep - Nancy a queer zine.

Nancy a queer zine.
"The over ridding theme is girliness in gay boys but hopefully it has an appeal for most people - it also features music, anime, goth stuff and other bits!"

The Only Good Cut!

A zine by Chris Bird, Mina Boromond and Leon Kuhn.

Contribution: The only good cut!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Jesper Elving - Gilke Menijer

A poetry zine from Denmark by Jesper Elving. A audio version of Jasper reading the poetry feature in the zine is available from the website:


OWT is a creative design collective based in Manchester. Members of the collective are Sarah Stapleton, Ste Beed, Ben Kither, Jon Hannan and Katrina Currie. OWT focus on producing a monthly zine showcasing work from ourselves and other up and coming creative talent in the Northwest, with an aim to hold quarterly exhibitions to run alongside our zine. We are also open to collaboration and any other creative projects.

OWT Issue #1 Beginnings
OWT Issue #2 Reflections
OWT Issue #3 Reality
OWT Issue #4 Direction
OWT Issue #5 Atmosphere