Friday, 2 November 2012


Ten by 10

10x10 revolves around a simple concept:
every issue develops a theme through 10 interviews (same 10 questions to 10 different people)
Issue #1 - Women force - 10 interviews to 10 women with 10 different jobs.

Made in Arnhem

The Office of Mark Simmonds Newsletter started in Arnhem in March 2011. Each newsletter contains a single article which is typed directly onto an A4 sheet using an AEG Olympia Traveller De Luxe typewriter at the office. The original is then photocopied, folded and posted via snail mail to national and international subscribers. If away from the office, for example abroad, the newsletter is handwritten. Initially a fortnightly bulletin, as of January 2012 it is posted monthly. In July 2012, the then total of 25 newsletters were compiled for the first time to commemorate the office's imminent relocation from Arnhem to a then unknown destination.

Milk, Two Sugars

‘ Milk, Two Sugars’ was an A5 publication produced every month by Bob Milner and Tom Senior