Monday, 31 March 2014

New In: Adventures in Menstruating Poetry + Comic Special #1

This super special split issue of Adventures in Menstruating by Chella Quint is half poetry, half comic. We managed to pick ourselves a copy of this up at the Leeds Zine Fair where we picked up loads of other zines too. I'll be posting as many of them as possible up on here over the next few days!

Meanwhile, take a look at the Adventures in Menstruating site while you're waiting.

New In: Paper and Ink #1

'Paper and Ink, a literary zine' Issue #1 'Broken Hearts and Broken Bottles'
This debut issue features a collection of two short stories and five poems from six very different writers, all on the theme of heart break. 14 pages, A5 size.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

New In: The Chapess #3: The Work Issue

24 page A5 B&W zine with essays and illustrations on juggling jobs, teaching, freelancing, going back to work after having a baby, music, publishing, influence and inspiration. Some of the covers are pink, some are yellow.
Karis Upton
Riese Bernard
Cáit Fahey
Jen Steiner
Grace Hong
Jo Stafford
Molly Davy
Eileen Myles
Cherry Styles
Sophie Cooper
Zara Gardner
Abbi Cudden
Donna Shapiro
You can buy copies of the Chapess at Cherry Styles, one of the co-editors of the zine, is doing an exhibition of her photographic work in Hebden Bridge at the end of March. Details here! There's also a call out for submissions for the next issue of the Chapess that you can look at here.

New In: Feeling Alone #1: A zine about being an inpatient with BPD

"This is a black and white zine I wrote and drew all about my experiences as an inpatient on a psychiatric ward. I suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder which can lead to severe depressive lows. In the zine I describe what the hospital was like, how it was meeting other inpatients, what the nurses were like, how I felt, and what it was like coming home. I decorated the zine and added my own little drawings on most pages :) I used anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress questionnaires as my background paper.

A5 sized zine with 16 pages in total including a paper cover, all held together with a staple."

New In: Feeling Alone #2: One Year On

"This is a black and white zine I wrote and drew about the year following my inpatient experience (which I wrote about in Feeling Alone #1). I wanted to talk about what I've been doing to try to recover from BPD and this includes therapy but it also includes things like roller derby and learning to drive. I decorated the zine and added my own little drawings.

A5 sized zine with 16 pages in total including a paper cover, all held together with a staple."

New In: We Are Adventurers #1: Amsterdam

"This is a black and white zine I made all about my adventures. I made it in 24 hours, as part of the 24 Hour Zine Thing project. Contents include:
  • All about a recent trip to Amsterdam
  • Seeing Kate Nash
  • Learning to be an Aunty
  • Starting the recovery process after being in a psychiatric hospital
  • Books I have read recently
  • I decorated the zine with my own drawings as well as pictures from Amsterdam, stickers, stamps and other bits and bobs :)
A5 sized zine with 28 pages including a peach coloured paper cover, all held together with two staples."

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Yorkshire Zine Weekend

Exciting zines news, everyone! The Yorkshire Zine Weekender is only a week and a bit away and, while all the stalls have been snapped up, we can guarantee that they'll both be well worth visiting. Two zine fairs in two days! Here's the lovely flippable poster for each event:

Tell them and everyone you know that you're going on Facebook
Sadly we won't be at the Sheffield leg of the Yorkshire Zine Weekender, but I think that the Salford Zine Library film that Craig made in 2011 will be getting an airing at some point during the day. So go and check that out!

We'll be at this, although we'll be selling copies of our zine rather than exhibiting the zine library this time. Come and say hi, though! And we'll gladly take any donations for the library that you might have too.

Tell all your friends about the weekender, it's sure to be brilliant. I've just been looking at the list of people who have stalls over the weekend and salivating. I am definitely going to be coming home with a massive bundle of zines. See you there!

New In: Barcelona

A lovely guide to Barcelona, made by Natalie Bradbury of Shrieking Violet fame. We have a small section of travel related zines at the library now so, the next time you go anywhere on holiday, why not make a zine about it and send us a copy?

New In: No Foreign Lands

No Foreign Lands is a collaborative photography zine by friends Hannah Platt and Natasha Whalley. It features photos taken in Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Czech Republic, USA and Uganda.

New In: Brindis and Talking Heads by Adrián Martínez

"BRINDIS is a self-published project of the artist Adrián Martínez (Ibiza). The project was born in the summer of 2013. It is a collection of black ink drawings which all of them create stranger situations. The first issue focuses in a mysterious or wild way to draw for creating a story. Each separate drawing constructs a narrative. The second issue Talking Heads is a set of drawings and conversations between two characters. The irony and absurdity are part of BRINDIS."