Thursday, 28 April 2011

Salford Zine Library at Salford Museum and Art Gallery, be part of it!

Salford Zine Library will be at Salford Museum and Art Gallery from 15th October 2011 to 29th January 2012 showing the archive along side some original artwork, film showings and workshops.

We are looking for new contributions all the time and If you would like your self-published work be to be featured in this upcoming exhibition then please post your contributions to :48 Landos Court, Manchester M40 7WT United Kingdom

Monday, 25 April 2011

Amy Pennington – A Whistlestop Tour of Letterpress

Amy Pennington is an artist based in Manchester, England.

A Whistlestop Tour of Letterpress is a document of the artists exploration into the world of letterpress and the apprenticeship she undertook after being commissioned by the Manchester Library Theater Craftwork project. The artists taking part in the project looked at traditional crafts and Manchester's industrial heritage.

Contribution: A Whistlestop Tour of Letterpress

Friday, 1 April 2011

Mandi Goodier: Call for appropriations.

Mandi Goodier is looking for people to participate in her latest project.
This is a call for appropriations.

How to participate....
I am inviting you to take ownership of the text. To write/mark upon the sheet of paper as you might do with a theoretical or academic writing. Creating a sort of map of your approach to the text. Interrogate it, change it, edit it, define it, critique it, re-write it, empathise with it... do whatever you like as long as you act upon the page. APPROPRIATE IT.

The result will be a rewriting of the original text in order to make it more complete through collective understanding/interpretations, or more flawed text as meaning may have all together deteriorated. The rewritten text will be generated by you, the reader who through reading, understanding and marking the sheet will become a part of the collective author.

The collated responses and rewritten text will then be reproduced in the form of a publication.
To participate simply download the attachment, print, digest the contents, appropriate the text and then return it to me via email/post (preferably post)
Please forward this email/photocopied version of the text (+ instructions) to anyone else who may be interested in participating.
(If emailing please cc to help keep track of the project, I will not hound you with emails I promise)

Email: for the text.

Victoria Baths Fanzine Convention May 14 — stalls, film screening, tours, food, workshops

The first ever fanzine convention to be held in the beautiful setting of Victoria Baths will explore the past, present and future of self-publishing through stalls featuring self-published books and zines to browse, talks, a film showing and workshops.

Manchester's magnificent Edwardian water palace, which opened to the public in 1906 and closed in 1993, will be packed with events as part of the Future Everything festival.

To have a stall on the day, either as an individual zine or group of friends, costs £10. Apply by emailing

All events in the building are free to enter, although donations are welcomed.