Monday, 21 April 2014

New in: Loads of zines! (Video Special)

We have received some big donations from some very kind people recently. We don't really have time to write a blog post about every single one of the zines that we get in these bundles, but we thought it'd be nice to feature them in a quicker way!

Here's some of the zines that we received a couple of weeks ago. Mainly music stuff from the 90s. They'll all be on the shelves within the week, so if there's any that take your fancy, come down to Nexus and have a look!

Thanks Michelle for sending these in!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Call for submissions: The Glastonbury Project

We have been asked to share a call for submissions for the Glastonbury Project. If you are looking for submissions for your zine, we're happy to post something on here and on our Twitter account, so get in touch in the usual way!

"The Glastonbury Project will be a collaborative zine (a self-published book/magazine), distributed free at this year’s festival. The aim is to create a collection of artwork inspired by the festival that doesn’t usually get seen by those who attend, as well as creating something that can be taken away and remembered.

The zine will be curated, produced, distributed and funded by myself (Katherine Mitchell). With access to printing and book making facilities in Leeds, I aim to make the zine as cheaply but as beautifully as possible!

All work featured in the zine will be credited with a link to your website. The deadline is May 25th.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions:

Please spread the word!"

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

New In: Derek, I'm Gutted!!! #71

71st issue of the long-running Port Vale fanzine 'Derek, I'm Gutted!!!'. Includes comics, match reports and other bits and bobs.

New In: Sugar Paper #11 and #12

Two issues of Sugar Paper by Seleena Laverne Day and Kandy Diamond that we've had in the library for a while but hadn't been mentioned on here yet. 

Issue 11
"20 things to make and do.
This issue has a circus and seaside theme featuring everything from hula hooping tips to a hula hoop rug, crochet collar to big top circle skirt. Recipes: flavoured popcorn to chips and dips and everything in between. With an awesome cover illustrated by Camille Smithwick."

Issue 12
"20 Things to make and do.
A super duper Halloween special (with some bonfire and Christmas bits thrown in!).
Creepy cross stitch, slime, latex goo legs, crochet eyeball purse, knitted cat flap gloves, raspberry trifle, bonfire toffee and more!!! Front cover illustrated by Paul Gallagher."

New In: Poor Lass #1: The Work Issue

"The Work Issue! 
A zine from the voices of poor lasses, a collection of stories of what it's really like to be working class.
Issue one focuses on work, from why people work, why people don't work, jobs they've loved, jobs they've hated.
Collected by Em and Seleena who want Poor Lasses to be heard!"

New In: Last Train to Eastleigh #1 and #2

Both issues of the indie-pop fanzine 'Last Train to Eastleigh' arrived ages ago but for some reason I hadn't got around to posting about them. Includes stuff about the Southampton indie-pop scene, reviews of some records and gigs and things like that. All in one A4 sheet of paper!