Monday, 21 April 2014

New in: Loads of zines! (Video Special)

We have received some big donations from some very kind people recently. We don't really have time to write a blog post about every single one of the zines that we get in these bundles, but we thought it'd be nice to feature them in a quicker way!

Here's some of the zines that we received a couple of weeks ago. Mainly music stuff from the 90s. They'll all be on the shelves within the week, so if there's any that take your fancy, come down to Nexus and have a look!

Thanks Michelle for sending these in!


  1. I'm so glad my 'zines got to you and thanks for making a movie of my zines. Weird, but good:) I hope you weren't appalled by the state they were in.

    Michelle :D

  2. Aw, there's the first issue of my Belle & Sebastian zine, Bus Stop (and F**k My Hat, which I read)! I was OBSESSED. (I was also obsessed with The Divine Comedy and Kenickie, but there were already great zines dedicated to them.) I did four issues of Bus Stop over two years, while living in Blackley, Manchester, and my hometown of Crawley. I worked on a Sharp Fontwriter which had a three-line screen, and once I'd printed my text off I set to work with double-sided tape! I drew that front cover, and I also had fantastic contributions from cartoonist Al Maceachern (, who is still doing gig posters and loads of other fab stuff.

    Lovely to see this archive is based in Salford - I did a Fashion degree at the Adelphi campus of Salford Uni from 94-97, and discovered B&S listening to Mark Radcliffe's Graveyard Shift show, live from the Palace of Glittering Delights on Oxford Road. That got me through many a long night of coursework in my damp bedroom on Great Clowes Street!

    All the best, Kristen Bailey