Sunday, 24 March 2013


Distraction Faction

Distant Images

Snapping Turtle Press

SNAPPING TURTLE PRESS publishes DIY poetry-zines which feature the best of lesser-known talent from poets and illustrators. We're about to publish our first punk book reviews and a review of the literature stage at Rebellion 2012.
Based in York, STP is the brainchild of Lizzie Alderdice and Henry Raby.

To get a copy of any of their zines, e-mail

The Poverty of Feminism

Katie in Zombie Land

Katy Matich is a Philadelphia printmaker, bookmaker and draftsman who is equally passionate about visual artwork and historical conservation. Katy received her BFA degree in drawing and painting from Minnesota State University Moorhead in 2008; and later completed her MFA degree at The University of the Arts in 2010 emphasizing in Book Arts and Printmaking. Upon graduating, she spent an 8-week post-graduate internship with the American Philosophical Society (APS) of Philadelphia. During her time at APS, Katy participated in a documentation and preservation project with the Oversize Rare Book archives.

Sunday, 3 March 2013


Playerist is an independently published poetry journal.

Alarmist Magazine

The Alarmist is a fresh, new, dark, funny and twisted printed literary magazine published biannually."It’s not about trying to prove how clever or well-read you are. We’re not the Paris Review. We want to buck the modern trend, and tickle and entertain with what we publish."



Astrobabble is a zine about astrology and released biannually. The zine was created by Australian astrologer, "Astrogirlzarro". Illustrations are by Canberra-based artist, Cate Riley.

The first issue of the zine was released in 2009.

Astrobabble 8


Turbulence is a printed poetry magazine established in 2009 seeking to publish the best poetry it can find. We are based in Hull, East Yorkshire (famous for poets such as Philip Larkin, Andrew Marvell, Andrew Motion and Stevie Smith). We are looking for poetry written in (or translated into) English from around the world.

Hiss Heads

'Hiss Heads' is an interview zine I put together. It contains interviews and pictures of homerecorders from UK’s North West. 

Yuck 'n Yum

Yuck 'n Yum is a not-for-profit curatorial collective that produces a quarterly art zine and hosts events that promote and distribute art outside the gallery setting.
Yuck 'n Yum was founded in 2005 by Andrew Maclean, who self-published and distributed YnY whenever he could. In 2008 he enlisted Gayle Meikle and Ben Robinson to aid him in the production of the zine and develop YnY as a distribution mechanism for artists. Since then, YnY has produced 20 issues (including two special editions) and hosted many events to promote artists, including Yuck 'n Yum's Art Distribution Unit, Turn Your Bluetooth On and the AGK.

Before The Hollywood Backlot