Monday, 24 October 2011

Self- publishing talk and film showing in Manchester

Shift Magazine- How to start your own publication  + Salford Zine Library film showing.

OK Cafe

6-7.30pm, Tuesday 25th Ocober.

The OKasional Cafe is squatted space which will hold a daily cafe, regular vegan meals and function as a radical space for meetings, organising actions, workshops and events.

It’s at 362 Wilmslow Rd, directly opposite the Ram & Shackle pub inFallowfield, a large red brick building with a ramp up to the front door.

Good Fuzzy Sounds

"It covers my own first experiences of fuzz and diy pedal-building, a detailed two-part history of early fuzzy sounds on records up to 1961, leading to the Maestro Fuzztone in the US and the Tone Bender in the UK, the growth of internet fuzz geek networks, the mythology of the mojo transistor, and interviews with Pepe Rush, an early fuzz innovator on the London scene, and Devi Ever, graduate of the internet DIY pedal scene and modern fuzz goodess. Plus 'my favourite fuzz', a true life story comic strip, drawings of all 33 of my fuzz pedals, and fuzz luminaries such as Gary Hurst, Vic Flick, Big Joe Sullivan, Lee Hazlewood, Glenn Snoddy, Craig Anderton and many more. It's all fuzz, all the time, printed in red on beautiful pale blue paper. It even explains what fuzz is if you don't happen to know. It's a winner!"
Simon Murphy 

Bettie Riot

Bettie is a queer feminist zinster and final year student mental health nurse. She likes to write about all those things and put them in zines.

Anatomical Heart 8#, 9# and10#
Buy Her Candy

Rebecca Hadfield

Rebecca Hadfield is studying Illustration at Stockport College.

Día de los Muertos

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Exhibition Opens!

The exhibition at Salford Museum and Art Gallery is now open. 

Salford Museum and Art Gallery is a short walk from Salford Crescent railway station. 

Open Mon - Fri 10am - 4:45pm, Sat & Sun 1-5pm

Salford Museum  & Art Gallery
Peel Park
M5 4WU
Tel: 0161 778 0800

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Paul Paper

Lietuva. Stories of Everyday by Paul Paper
Released by Cafe Royal Books, 2011
32 Pages
14cm x 20cm
b/w digital
Poster 38cm x 26cm
numbered 2nd edition of 100

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Lisa Rockall

Lisa Rockall is studying illustration at Stockport College.

The Stars, The Moon and us

Vampire Sushi

Vampire Sushi is a UK based little zine distro run by Tukru and  Carl. They started the distro because there are so many amazing zines around but not enough distros, especially on this side of the pond. Tukru likes vampires and Carl likes sushi.

Typical Girls
I'm Drawing a Blank
Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell #10
Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell #12
Louis XIV

Jessica Hans

My Dream Trip

Philippa Lightburn is studying illustration at Stockport College.

My Dream Trip

Elvis Bakaitis

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Hanna Dawn

Hanna is an illustrator currently based in Manchester, England, studying in the city next door, Salford. She hails from Sterlingshire, Scotland, and have lived and studied in Breda, The Netherlands.

The tools of her trade range from ink, pencil, watercolour, and digital colour. She likes to theme her work around narratives, daydreams, ponderings, current events and cats.

Look Frank I'm a sound wave.
An Exorcism 

Frances Howe

Three zines from New Zealand.

Are we there yet? Vol 1
Are we there yet? Vol 2