Monday, 18 October 2010

Autumn tour final stop Romford!

On our last stop of our autumn tour we will be visiting Romford, Essex. The archive will be available at:

The Arty Place
Frances Bardsley School
Brentwood Road
Essex RM1 2RR

The opening times are 2nd-5th November 8.30-4pm and by appointment outside. Saturday 6th By appointment.

Contact Denise Hickey on 01708 447 368 or 07944 529 134

Lucie Nicoll Dickinson

Lucie studies Graphic Design at college.

Skeletal Killer Crotch Grab

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Sam Hasler

Sam Hasler is a visual artist based in cardiff . He has made performance work across the UK and Europe in Galleries and alternative spaces. He has performed at several festivals including EXPO festival in Nottingham, National Review of live art in Glasgow and Experimentica in Cardiff. His work uses drawing and writing within a structure that allows decision making and creative responses to space, within the performance.

Contribution: Visit Wales

Craig John Barr

Craig John Barr is an artist/illustrator residing in Manchester, England.

Contribution: Things I've Seen

Monday, 11 October 2010

Bridgette Ashton & Kitty Wingatewith

A new zine by Bridgette Ashton & Kitty Wingatewith contributions from Jeremy Gould and Darren Hayman.

Contribution: Plan - Plymouth Harlow

Libby Scarlett

Libby graduated in Design and Art Direction from The Manchester School of Art. She likes creating, discovering, talking, thinking and Generally being creative with communication.

A Selection of Letters from project 3 Minutes was Originally a way for Libby to encourage her grandmother to sit down and stop for three minutes - turned into a wide reaching experiment to help combat loneliness and isolation within the elderly community.

Contribution: A Selection of Letters from project 3 Minutes