Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Michael Sieben

Michael Sieben is an illustrator and designer from Austin Texas. He has exhibted his work throughout the United States, Japan, London, Mexico, and Peru. In 2008 he and his friend Stacy Lowery launched their own skateboard brand, Roger Skateboards. Gingko Press in association with Upper Playground recently published a 96 page book of his artwork titled: There's Nothing Wrong With You (Hopefully).


Never Stop Rowing Zine


Turbochainsaw is a non-profit underground publication featuring artists, photographers,creative writers and music from all over the world.

Turbochainsaw issue 5

Jess Higgins

Jess Higgins is an Artist from Manchester. She has recently released her extensive publication Museums and is working in conjunction with Salford Zine Library and the Stomach Pump archive for the forthcoming Salford Zine Library exhibition.



Gifts Two

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Mandi Goodier

Mandi Goodier is a Designer, Writer, and Artist Book Maker.

"This book is an attractive dumping ground for some ideas I picked up then abandoned. It seemed sad to let such ideas and images sit in a closed journal for an eternity so I collated them. The result was experimentation with both typography and image to produce a zine containing a selection of super short stories."

Mandi Goodier


Saturday, 13 March 2010

David Bailey

David Bailey is an illustrator working out of manchester, UK.

Vitamins & Exercise
What's for tea, mummy?

Craig John Barr

Craig John Barr is a freelance illustrator working out of the Miles Platting estate.

Contribution: Second Hand Reference #1

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Johnny Ryan

Johnny Ryan is an American comic artist from L.A. He is best known for Angry Youth Comix, published by Fantagraphics, and for "Blecky Yuckerella", a comic strip which originated in the alternative newspaper, the Portland Mercury, and now appears on Ryan's website:

"Johnny Ryan is the funniest cartoonist working today." – Peter Bagge

"I think his comics are a riot! Highly recommended." – Daniel Clowes

Generally speaking, [Johnny Ryan's] comics are really dumb & infantile, and prove beyond a doubt that chemical pollution, television, video games, pop music, etc. is making us all stupider by the minute..." – R. Crumb

New Character Parade #4 (limited edition, self-published by Johnny)
New Character Parade #3 (is a limited edition, self-published by Johnny)

Oliver East

Contribution: Trains are mint #1#,2,#3 and 5#