Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Johnny Ryan

Johnny Ryan is an American comic artist from L.A. He is best known for Angry Youth Comix, published by Fantagraphics, and for "Blecky Yuckerella", a comic strip which originated in the alternative newspaper, the Portland Mercury, and now appears on Ryan's website: http://www.johnnyr.com

"Johnny Ryan is the funniest cartoonist working today." – Peter Bagge

"I think his comics are a riot! Highly recommended." – Daniel Clowes

Generally speaking, [Johnny Ryan's] comics are really dumb & infantile, and prove beyond a doubt that chemical pollution, television, video games, pop music, etc. is making us all stupider by the minute..." – R. Crumb

New Character Parade #4 (limited edition, self-published by Johnny)
New Character Parade #3 (is a limited edition, self-published by Johnny)

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