Friday, 1 April 2011

Mandi Goodier: Call for appropriations.

Mandi Goodier is looking for people to participate in her latest project.
This is a call for appropriations.

How to participate....
I am inviting you to take ownership of the text. To write/mark upon the sheet of paper as you might do with a theoretical or academic writing. Creating a sort of map of your approach to the text. Interrogate it, change it, edit it, define it, critique it, re-write it, empathise with it... do whatever you like as long as you act upon the page. APPROPRIATE IT.

The result will be a rewriting of the original text in order to make it more complete through collective understanding/interpretations, or more flawed text as meaning may have all together deteriorated. The rewritten text will be generated by you, the reader who through reading, understanding and marking the sheet will become a part of the collective author.

The collated responses and rewritten text will then be reproduced in the form of a publication.
To participate simply download the attachment, print, digest the contents, appropriate the text and then return it to me via email/post (preferably post)
Please forward this email/photocopied version of the text (+ instructions) to anyone else who may be interested in participating.
(If emailing please cc to help keep track of the project, I will not hound you with emails I promise)

Email: for the text.

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