Wednesday, 12 March 2014

New In: The Chapess #3: The Work Issue

24 page A5 B&W zine with essays and illustrations on juggling jobs, teaching, freelancing, going back to work after having a baby, music, publishing, influence and inspiration. Some of the covers are pink, some are yellow.
Karis Upton
Riese Bernard
Cáit Fahey
Jen Steiner
Grace Hong
Jo Stafford
Molly Davy
Eileen Myles
Cherry Styles
Sophie Cooper
Zara Gardner
Abbi Cudden
Donna Shapiro
You can buy copies of the Chapess at Cherry Styles, one of the co-editors of the zine, is doing an exhibition of her photographic work in Hebden Bridge at the end of March. Details here! There's also a call out for submissions for the next issue of the Chapess that you can look at here.

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