Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Laura Braun

Laura Braun is a photographer based in London.

London to Lisbon and back, November 2007 – June 2008.
Laura Braun, 2011
Digitally printed concertina book, hand finished in handmade, screen printed box, 11x9 cm, limited edition of 100, signed and numbered.
Many photographs have been taken on road trips, pictures of the towns and landscapes passed through without the pretence of a deeper analysis of them; images that tell not so much of the places visited as of the experience of being on the road. ’Trip’ is a collection of impressions of a journey, taken on Polaroid.

Edited by Melissa Castro Duarte and Laura Braun, 2004
Offset printed, A4 pamphlet / A1 poster, perforated
KNOTS was as a platform for the work of artists based around the world. A chain project, - pieces of thread joined by knots – the images are linked to each other by association, each one a trigger for the next, for a memory perhaps or an idea.
The first artist produced a work inspired by a found image. His work then travelled to the next artist to be in turn used as a point of departure for his work. This process was then repeated over and over.
Artists: Ulé Barcelos, Stuttgart/Lisbon Laura Braun, London Melissa Castro Duarte, London Thor Clarke, Fine Art, London Sophia Clarke, London Pedro Paulo De Souza, Sao Paulo Eder Paulo De Oliveira, Sao Paulo Maria Eisl, London Babak Ganje, London Othello De Souza-Hartley, London Eli Sudbrack (AKA Vivid Astro Focus), New York Helena Pessoa, Sao Paulo 

The Trip

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