Thursday, 16 February 2012

Vapid Kitten

Vapid Kitten is made up of its creator Betsy Lamborn and its co-editor Anna Frew. Vapid Kitten was born as one of Betsy's last projects in the final year of studying Design and Art Direction. It was made to combine her twin interests of feminism and making zines.

The name came about after a portfolio crit with a designer (who shall remain nameless) who referred to Betsy's portfolio as a kitten. But a sad kitten who when your choosing your cat would be left as the last choice. Then the Vapid came about due to Betsy's growing indignation towards the majority of magazines created for women. Whose advertising led editors wrote articles about how we must wear this lipstick opposite a make-up ad... In one of this indignant moments/rants Betsy exclaimed 'its just SO VAPID' and vapid kitten was born!

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