Thursday, 14 November 2013

New in: This is Me Singing #1

"This Is Me Singing takes a look at internet stardom at its least viral. The zine features a whole rafter of screenshots from videos uploaded to Youtube under the tags “Me Singing”, in which popular songs are lovingly reworked beneath the watchful eye of a webcam.

The people behind these video clips are a departure from your usual Youtube sensations, however, since each one has only received a tiny number of views and is unlikely to hit the big time any time soon. So what is it that makes ordinary people so keen to transfer their own small bursts of karaoke from the privacy of their bedrooms to the wider echelons of the internet?

It’s a phenomenon we haven’t quite figured out yet, but what comes across with many of the singers here is their sense of self-consciousness, with some apologising for awkward behaviour, or their voices not being up to scratch. Beneath the sheepishness, however, lies a quiet passion for the song they have chosen, and some deeper impulse for it to be noticed by a wider audience – no matter how small."

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