Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A quick word with... #1: Joseph Kendrick

In the first of a new series of interviews with zine makers that we're calling 'A quick word with...' (If you have a better title, let us know!), we've asked Joseph, who writes the zine 'Read This Outside', to answer a couple of questions for us. We received a copy of the first Read This Outside yesterday and you can find it at the zine library (Along with loads of other excellent stuff) now! If you want to talk to us about your zine, send us an email to salfordzinelibrary@gmail.com.  

What was your motivation for making 'Read This Outside’?
Over the last year, I had been gathering an internet following based around my positive posts and comments. I wanted to create something physical which people you could hold and share. As my first ever publication, I’ve kind of done it backwards as it’s almost an autobiography. I wanted to capture my thoughts and ideas as well as give a shout out to those who influence me.

When are you moving in at Boost House? Can you tell us a little bit about that project?
I am heading off to Boost House for 3 months at the end of February. The concept for the house is the creation of prolific 'internet poet’ Steve Roggenbuck. He is starting up an intentional community of like-minded, 'posi' people to produce uplifting media on a huge range of platforms. Be it physical books, image macros on Tumblr, statuses on Facebook or video on YouTube - it’ll be positive and fun. The house will be all vegan, feminist and LGBTAT* allying as he wants everything to be underpinned with anti-oppression ideals.
More on Boost House at http://boosthouse.tumblr.com/about

Do you have any favourite zines?
Max Mitchell, from Sheffield, has put out some awesome stuff. ‘Beyond the Limit’ and ‘Back on the Bins’ are two that stand out for me. He speaks a lot on pushing yourself physically, hardcore music and just living life to the fullest. It’s the sort of stuff I love to read to get me pumped up for getting out there. It’s also great to hear ideas and viewpoints from people as there are always some nuances of life I have never thought about before.

Will there be a 'Read This Outside 2’?
Most definitely. The response to this one has been awesome. I have sold over 200 in 11 days. I really couldn’t ask for more! I feel like there would definitely be demand for a follow up edition. However, some people told me I created too much content and that I won’t have enough to fill the next one but I beg to differ. I am thinking about having some sort of diary or travel journal on my three months in America interlaced with positive nuggets.


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