Sunday, 14 September 2014

Terrible Beauty is Back! A Call for Submissions

Terrible Beauty, a Manic Street Preacher's fanzine originally published between 1995-2002 is back! They're looking for contributions, too, so get in touch with them ASAP. Here's the call for contributions:

Something’s rumbling under the paving stones, something’s stirring in the urban density.
We’re dusting off the type-writer keys....sharpening our scissors and our minds, unfurling the banner.
Terrible Beauty Fanzine went on a long sabbatical of the soul that was necessary and cool but we’ve been watching from the sidelines and something’s calling, calling us back.

We’re refuelling, we’re rewinding, we’re fastforwarding and we’re coming at you some time in 2015. The fanzine will return to mark the 20th anniversary the ground-breaking Holy Bible album as well as celebrate the continuing, shimmering beauty of the band that are still telling it via rock and roll like nobody else is. Although the Manics are our central inspiration our vision is much broader than musings on the band and we warmly invite contributions on the artistic/cultural/political significance referenced by them and beyond.

We are also happy to review/swap zines with others and support small press/zine culture however we can.

Send enquiries/contributions to Mary & Viv at email:

We've also been sent a compilation zine full of the best bits from Terrible Beauty over the years. We'll do a blog post about that later this week.

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