Tuesday, 20 September 2011


The 0nineHUNDRED collective consists of three artists all from Ipswich, currently studying Fine Art at Norwich University College of the Arts, they are Guy Jarrett, Liam Clark and Rob Freimuller. 

Top Row - 
The Brakes - Guy Jarrett
Bud Light - Guy Jarrett
Cornish Waters - Liam Clark

2nd Row -
Kult - Liam Clark
Los Locos Y Los Muertos - Liam Clark
If You Were A Shape, What Shape Would You Be? - Liam Clark

3rd Row -
Lost & Found - Rob Friemuller
One Step Beyond - Rob Friemuller
Hanging Post - Guy Jarrett

Bottom Row -
Don't Talk To Strangers - The 0nineHUNDRED Collective
(The Best Of) 100 Heads - Becci Atkinson
4 Amigos - Guy Jarrett


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