Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Born in 1979 in Tokyo, Japan, Kaori has also lived in Berlin, Prague, and New York City. She currently lives in a small college town in Oberlin, Ohio, with her filmmaker husband - Mika Johnson - and their two cats: Pon Pon & Arais, the white cat (a.k.a. Rikun-Taro).
Kaori's paintings, illustrations, and sound collages are inspired by both the animals and plants around her and classical images from Japanese and Western art. After co-founding Arcanum Press with poet Peter Hlinka, the two artists collaborated on two zines, My Shadow is a Cat and Rose-Eaters, which juxtapose poetry with visual art. In the past year, she has joined two group shows in Tokyo where three of her pieces were exhibited. Kaori is also playing the lead role in AMERIKA: a notebook in three parts, an in-development feature film.


Cats I know
Question Marks
My Shadow is a Cat


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