Saturday, 24 September 2011

Polly Brannan

Polly has been publishing her own fanzines for the last 7 years. It started through her involvement as an artist with  the arts and architect collective public works, through working on a regeneration project in South Kilburn, London, Polly became increasingly frustrated by the lack of local voice in the community magazine initiated through the local council in the end Polly decided it was about time to publish a community led zine 'Stand Aside' dealing with local ideas, questions, thoughts and visions of their local area-from covering fashion on the estates to publishing a zine of an elder residents doodles. The zine ran for a couple of years and had 8 issues.

Since that moment she has continued to make her own zines through her art collective Avant Gardening, a series was produced as part of the exhibition 'Radical Nature' at the Barbican looking at how the local nature and fauna worked with and shaped the architecture of the Barbican. 'Green on the Move' was published as part of the London Festival of Architecture. The zine SQUARES was made with young people as part of the Collaborations programme at the artist led gallery, Studio Voltaire. SEAZINE was made in conjunction with the Turner Contemporary Gallery in Margate looking at the connection between local residents of Margate and the sea landscape surrounding them.

Avant Gardening
Stand Aside
Green on the Move
The Squares

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