Saturday, 3 September 2011


I am out an about this and next week with the help of Luca Rudlin and his camera expertise interviewing for the Salford Zine Library film. If you live in the north west, self publish/make zines and want to participate then please get in contact. If you live further afield then you can still participate by sending a short talking head video of your self explaining why you choose to self publish and what you self publish. 

Videos have been coming in from across the world and I thank all those who have contributed so far. One consideration when making the videos is sound.Your voice needs to come across clearly as possible and not too low in the mix or obscured by back ground noise. Picture is second to sound and if you have a mic then it's worth pluging it in to your computer and using it rather than an inbuilt mic. Camera wise anything will do from a webcam to an SLR. What you have to say is the most important part of this project.

Once again thank you for your help without it there would be no project.

Craig John Barr

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