Thursday, 15 September 2011

Kristyna Baczynski

Kristyna Baczynski draws, screenprints and animates creatures, comics and commodities that come from somewhere between The Pennines, The Carpathians and the gutter.
Working from her studio in Leeds, she self-publishes hand-made comics and zines. Her comics have been published in the UK and international anthologies such as Solipsistic Pop, Paper Science, Nib Lit (US) and Biceps (Europe).

Mini comic - Drawn, cut, stapled by hand.
Explore the woody mountains and stumble upon secrets as we follow a bemused bear stuck in the doldrums.

A collection of 6 mini-comics on an array of punning subjects;
Ursine dentistry, dinosaur rage, pancake shame, hair loss, caged birds and a sincere shrimp.

Four Panel Affair:
A collection of 7 one-page comics, all four panel wonders.
Drawn on-the-move in a found square sketchbook and collected together for reproduction in this fold-up mini zine.

One Week, Seven Days:
An A6 fold-up 8 page mini-biography.
One drawing a day for one week.

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